Spandex Velvet

Introducing New Colors

Spandex Velvet Dating back to the 14th Century, velvet was marked as the choice fabric for vestments, robes and awe-inspiring decor. Modern-day synthetic versions still offer the same diversity of use yet adds durability, stretch, and a variety of rich colors. Our Spandex Velvet is extremely soft and plushy with exceptional drape and comfort. This stylish fabric is great for performance wear, casual clothing, or costumes and is available in a large selection of solid colors.


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El Diablo – Exclusive Super 120s Mechanical Stretch



Quality of wool depends on many factors including fiber fineness, yarn length, and cleanliness of finish. The most sought-after wools are woven using worsted yarns, very fine in diameter (measured in microns), long in length, and free from defects. These “Super Wools” represent the ultimate in luxury, sophistication and elegance. El Diablo, our version of Super 120s, combines old world master weaving with the modern-day demand for stretch. The perfect fabric for a custom trouser or a made to measure suit.

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Faux Dupioni



#Dupioni is characterized as a plain #weave and crisp finish, produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven slubbed #yarn in the #weft. This creates tightly-woven #yardage with a #highly-lustrous surface and#iridescent effect. Originated in China but now primarily manufactured in India, this cottage industry craft is passed down from generation to generation. Our #Faux Dupioni is a #synthetic version that uses the same weaving recipe but incorporates modern day technology to produce a more refined and durable #fabric suitable for both the#apparel and home #furnishing trade.


Bellagio and Ice Velvet


Dating back to the 14th Century, hashtagvelvet was marked as the choice fabric for vestments, robes and awe-inspiring décor. Our modern-day synthetic version still offers the same diversity of use yet adds durability, stretch and a variety of rich colors. hashtagBellagio is a burnout or Devoré hashtagvelvet which undergoes a chemical process to create a semi-transparent pattern against a solidly woven background. Our Ice is a classic, retro style hashtagcrushed velvet with exceptional stretch and comfort. Available in coordinating colors, both qualities are great for hashtagmodern hashtagperformance hashtaginspiring hashtagburnout hashtagbackground hashtagrich hashtagchemical hashtagretro hashtagdurability hashtagice hashtagcentury hashtagtransparent performance, special occasion and décor. hashtagwoven hashtagfabric hashtagstyle hashtagpattern hashtagcolors hashtagoffers hashtagclassic hashtagavailable hashtagcomfort hashtagcreate

Bemberg Lining


When constructing a high-quality garment, there are many factors to consider in assuring the integrity of your #wardrobe. If choosing a natural material for the outer shell, then undoubtedly your selection of #lining must be a breathable #fabric. Wearing a #designer #wool or #silkand then lining it with a #synthetic would eliminate the benefits of the natural fiber. The preferred lining by high end fashion labels is #Cupra; our #Bemberg is a brand of #Cuprammonium #Rayon produced in Japan. It’s uniquely known to be light weight yet durable, #silky to the touch and cool against your body. Bemberg also contains properties that resist static cling for a more comfortable fit. Compare our Bemberg to any lining in the marketplace and you’ll never wear anything else.



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